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I am Florence Sebastianelli AKA floriebunda, a 21 year old Digital artist, living and working in the UK,

I work with a strong focus on video, and am currently exploring the creation of  360 Virtual reality work.

Floriebunda is both an artist and an avatar creating and living within her vivid online fantasy.

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Somerset Film's featured Artist in Residence - August/October 2019 

Exhibitions & Screenings


2019- Residency exhibition at Somerset film - Sept

2019- Pixelache festival Helsinki - April

2019- Ctrl Alt Delete (group exhibition)- Bristol - April


2018- Artist film festival VII Caracas Venezuela - Nov

2018- Artist film festival VII London UK - Oct

2018- The Bomb Factory London -Oct

2018- Arts + Literature Laboratory Off The Wall, St Madison Wisconsin - Aug

Higher Education 

(2017-to date) BA Fine Art –Bath School of Art and Design

(2016-2017) Film and television and digital media production

I am Florence Sebastianelli, AKA 'floriebunda' a 21 year old artist creating works with new media, currently working and studying in Bath UK.

From an interest and detailed look at cyber psychology, I apply these theories to explore the future of our social and mental landscapes, as the relevance of our online double life rapidly grows. This drives my practice in digital art, leading to a fascination in avatar theory. Looking closely at popular internet culture and social media, I reflect my experiences in the creation of an avatar self; appearing as a digital being in my works under the username 'floriebunda'. This avatar represents an exaggerated self and an illustration of self-identity theory, showing an example of how an avatar can change our perceptions of self image through its existence in a digital space. I have explored the theme of 'avatarisation' through a range of video works, and more recently, using my developed skills in video editing to extend floriebunda's world into 360° immersive Virtual Reality spaces.  This combination of digital mind and body is what commandeers my practice, creating a more developed look at floriebunda's world with every work; as I learn more and more about this side of myself and what she has to say about the cyber world. 




Video babe, lives in digital utopia

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