Floriebunda Fashion lobby VR  (2020)

Virtual reality creation of a fashion space created to explore the involvement of advertising within the spaces we call our own, its relation to icon culture and of course the objectification of the 'self' in digital social landscapes

Artwork portfolio:


Oculus screen recording

Digital fashions catwalk series (2020)

three virtual catwalk spaces showcasing the start of my VR fashion avatar project ft. digitally enhanced clothes 


Floriebunda sexy paradise garden (2020)

Virtual reality collage video and photos from stretched video

Nightmare VR environment  (2019)

Virtual reality Space Video collage, sound created for project specifically also

for webme-22-09-2019-03-02-56.png

paradise 1  (2019)

Full HD video 

Created as a visual for exhibition space

Work produced during Artist Residency at Somerset Film

Screenshot 2019-09-22 at 00.18.33.png
Screenshot 2019-09-22 at 00.20.48.png

Floriebunda surreal space VR  (2019)

Full HD Virtual reality video collage, (view on headset) audio and photos 

Created on Artist in residence programme, See below 

inspired by both  surrealist paintings as my research delved into the new surreal and the presence of avatarization in new media  

Artist in residence info 2019


Floriebunda portraits  (2019)

set of 4 HD video works (from left to right)

1- Censored torso  2- floriebunda plinth  3-masked portrait  4 -floriebunda presenting

ongoing set of experimental portraits exploring the mind creating digital body


Sophie's garden (2018)

1:13 Video

4K video Green screened footage, online sourced material masked and collaged into video


Mum selfie  (2018)

Selfie 1  (2018)

Hd video


Pinkface_Kawaii_girll_XD (2018)

7:38. Full HD video 

Pinkface is a character that I played in this film, she was uploaded to this mixed reality garden and not told how real she was, The scene features animals and glitches appearing as she lives through days trapped in the garden. In collaboration with Ollie Troup who produced the sound for this film.


...antsy.. ... ..(2018)

Full HD video