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Updated: Jun 18, 2018

My online exhibition entitled 'Fake Skin', was a live-streamed event that took place on the 12th of May 2018. I streamed it on my YouTube channel and it has been viewed 124 times by people from across the world, with over 40 of those tuning in to watch it live. The stream consisted of myself as the artist opening and closing the stream as well as chatting about the works before and after they were played.

There was a total of three new film works in the stream, two of them exclusive to being shown live and pinkface_kawaii_girl_xD to be uploaded to the channel a few weeks after. Screenshots of the exclusive films and related photos, can be found through the works and archive pages of this site. Another film shown was from my recently completed degree work from the second term, entitled ‘selfie 1’.

The stream was pre-filmed in order to make a statement on how things online are never as they are claimed and to have a too perfect vibe on terms of live viewing.

The idea for Fake Skin was to show some of my other works not quite on the same path as my main project, and premier my first artistic collaboration 'Pinkface_kawaii_girl_xD'.

The title of the stream was a reference to something my brother always said to me about my makeup. he would refer to it as Fake Skin and bash be for applying it every now and again, telling me that wearing concealer was like a mask. In the same way I look at editing yourself online, or filtering your lifestyle its fake skin surrounding yourself. So I decided that using skin as a way of referring to your social online profile would be easy to understand. In my film 'Fake Skin' I show this idea literally with the layers of digital media being applied to the real face to show a second more accepted and more familiar digital layer. This is also a comment on how fragile and transparent an online created persona can be no matter how much care is taken into presenting the best of.

The stream I think went very well and I would definitely aim to try something more ambitious next time combining performance art into the transitional screenings, but as a first attempt and a means of showing my work I think it did go well.

To view photo sets and more screenshots from fake skin please see my artworks page.


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