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This was my first collaborative film with sound by Ollie Troup a friend I knew from school and now producer of sick tunes. His work is varied but is style is always super off-beat, in other words wonderfully weird. So by this I knew that it would be a great collaboration.

This film was made to explore my interest on virtual worlds and realities. To imagine a character that only exists in a single space but on two plains, a reality and a virtual reality and whether these are one and the same.

The film it’self is about a girl or character trapped in an un-real reality and how this is revealed. She only appears in one place, a garden. The film is split into scenes or ‘days’ where she sits and smokes on a plastic garden chair, where she repeatedly looks into a disco ball of mirrors.

The repeated looking into the mirrored ball is a way of illustrating and hinting at two things.

1. The amount of people watching through screens all over the world, hence the sphere.

And 2. As she looks she only appears to be ‘finding herself’ in the mirrored realities. Meaning that she may be virtually isolated or in a different reality to the people no matter how real she and everything around her feels.

What the questions that I want people to ask during this film is simply ‘where is she?’ ‘is she supposed to be a real person or an avatar’.

The idea of her painting her face in the ‘getting ready’ scene tells the viewer that maybe she is a real girl who chooses to present herself as an avatar, or perhaps she is a programmed avatar trying to be in the ‘real’ world. This confusion is what I’m trying to present. The animated plants and animals only further blur the perception of where she is, creating a surreal looking online room. She manages to appear like a real person but lives in a world of mixed simulation.

To watch this film tune into ‘Fake Skin’ at 7.00pm on Saturday 12th May 2018

It will be premiered here at this time alongside three other film works exclusive to the stream

This film will then be released to watch on my YouTube channel and my website on the 20th may


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