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Train Tracks

Updated: May 31, 2018

This exhibition was a curated collection of works in response to a short story by Jessie rose parker. The story describes a girl going through a recent breakup and her emotional journey in connection to her physical journey travelling on a train. It described how a train puts her in a different almost separate headspace, inducing deep thought and forcing her to deal with her feelings. She also describes the way the music dictates certain emotional responses as she shuffles through the music on her I-pod. I thought that this idea of a separate consciousness was very similar to that of the ‘online consciousness’ that I have bee trying to respond to and simulate in my video works.

In response to this story I created a short visual art piece titled ‘distortion station’.

This 4.00-minute film was to show the mix of sounds and feelings that the character was going through in her mental state while on the train. I thought of this in relation to my distracted brain Internet artwork as looking on your phone going through a thousand mini emotions while staring at a screen is so normal. I used a collection of Gifs, online video clips and filmed footage, to create a collage of feelings and emotions. I used gifs depicting people crying, kissing, dancing and some other evil faces to try and describe the way the character’s mind would be racing around memories, thoughts and feelings as she reminisced over her loss.

The exhibition was in a local space -St. James wine vaults, and features a lot of local talent with a range of art forms including music, films, performance, illustration and writing.

I found having my work played in a live exhibition space to be different and although it was great to see in in a gallery setting, I don’t think it suited my practice. I think part of my work is having it online, in the space where it was created, so I will start looking at ways to host my work online instead of in a gallery space for my professional practice. The experience was very helpful though; because not only did it allow me to jump out of my thoughts and into the works of someone else by the piece being a response, but it was alongside many other forms of art and this took me out of my own practice in the best way. I was so glad to be apart of this exhibition and cannot wait to do more!

The film I made in response to the short story can be found HERE or on my ‘films’ page.


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